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Choose your pricing plan

  • Website Development

    Website Optimized for Desktop and Mobile
    • Full-stack website design and development.
    • Integration of essential plugins and tools.
    • Mobile-responsive design for optimal viewing across devices.
    • SEO optimization to enhance visibility on search engines.
    • Tailored to your brand's aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Add-On: Website Maintenance

    Every month
    Website Maintenance for Desktop and Mobile
    • Regular updates to ensure website security and functionality
    • Bug fixes and performance optimizations.
    • Content updates upon request (up to a specified limit).
  • App Development

    App Optimized for IOS and Android
    • Custom app development for Android and/or iOS platforms.
    • Integration with existing systems or platforms as required.
    • User-friendly UI/UX design.
    • Quality assurance and testing to ensure optimal performance
  • Add-On: App Maintenance

    Every month
    App Maintenance for IOS and Android
    • Regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest OS.
    • Security patches and bug fixes.
    • Performance optimization and minor feature enhancements.
  • AI Integration

    Integration of AI into your business.
    • Implementation of AI tools tailored to your business.
    • 24/7 AI Chatbots
    • AI Predictive Analytics
    • Training and fine-tuning of AI models for maximum efficiency
    • Ongoing support to adapt AI tools to evolving business needs
  • Add-On: AI Maintenance

    Every month
    AI Maintenance
    • Continuous retraining and fine-tuning of AI models.
    • Updates to AI tools and systems.
    • Regular performance audits and recommendations.
  • Cloud Computing Integration

    Cloud Computing for your Business Needs
    • Setup and management of cloud infrastructure.
    • Data migration and backup services.
    • Scalable solutions to grow with your business needs.
    • Ensuring robust security and data protection.
  • Add-On: Cloud Computing Maintenance

    Every month
    Cloud Computing ongoing Mainenance
    • Regular monitoring of cloud systems for optimal performance.
    • Data backup and recovery services.
    • Scalability adjustments as needed.
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