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Our Vision

At TechSynergy Hub, our mission is to empower small businesses by providing cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to their unique needs. We specialize in AI integration, cloud computing, website development, App Development, and 3D printing. Our goal is to bridge the tech gap, enabling businesses to compete in today's digital age.

Our Story

TechSynergy Hub has its roots firmly planted in the world of 3D printing and modeling. Established in 2018, our initial venture focused purely on bringing intricate designs to life through the art of 3D printing. With over 300+ successful orders and consistent 5-star reviews, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was evident.

As the technological landscape evolved, so did we. Recognizing the diverse needs of small businesses in an increasingly digital world, we expanded our horizons. Merging our original business, we launched TechSynergy Hub, a holistic tech solution provider with a broader spectrum of services. Our offerings now include cutting-edge AI integrations, efficient cloud computing solutions, sleek website and app development, and specialized freelance coding projects.

Understanding that not every small business has the resources to onboard a full-time software engineer, we bridge that gap. We empower businesses with the technological tools they need to compete at the same level as their larger counterparts. At TechSynergy Hub, we believe in leveling the playing field, ensuring every business, irrespective of its size, has access to the best of what technology has to offer.

TechSynergy Hub stands at the crossroads of technology and business growth. We firmly believe that in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the synergy of the right technologies can propel businesses to unprecedented heights. Every tool, every software, and every service we provide is rooted in our commitment to help our clients navigate this terrain with confidence and clarity.

Our emphasis is not just on providing technological solutions, but on crafting strategies that are in sync with a business's vision and objectives. We recognize that each enterprise is unique, and our approach is always tailored to match. From AI integration to 3D printing and modeling services, we bring a diverse set of skills to the table, ensuring that businesses have the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.


The heart of TechSynergy Hub lies in collaboration. We don't see ourselves as just a service provider, but as partners in our clients' journeys. Our mission goes beyond mere problem-solving; we aim to be catalysts of innovation, helping businesses harness the full potential of the digital revolution. Together, we envision a future where technology and human ingenuity seamlessly merge, creating a world of endless possibilities.

Our Mission

Experienced Leadership

Chris Cunningham, the Founder and CEO of TechSynergy Hub, is a seasoned software engineer with a profound expertise in languages like Python and Java, as well as platforms such as AWS and .NET. With over 7 years of hands-on coding experience, Chris has positioned himself at the forefront of the tech industry. His background includes a degree in Physics from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and he's currently advancing his skills with a Master’s in Computer Science, focusing on Computational Engineering.

While Chris has a diverse background, including a stint in astrophysics, his primary passion lies in software development and its potential to drive change. His dedication to integrating the state-of-the-art solutions of TechSynergy Hub into small businesses showcases his commitment. Chris understands the challenges these enterprises face in the digital age and is determined to ensure they harness the power of modern technology to remain competitive and thrive.

Chris's vision for TechSynergy Hub goes beyond just being a tech enterprise. He sees it as a catalyst for community growth, ensuring that technological advancements serve both businesses and the broader community. With skills spanning from data visualization to proficiency in tools like Rhino and Grasshopper, Chris's leadership at TechSynergy Hub is all about fostering a future where technology is an enabler for business success and community development.

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